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Our Mission

ROAVER was designed and developed to seamlessly integrate into your website to enhance the customer journey by creating a more efficient way of searching and comparing campervan and motorhome rentals across Australia.


ROAVER was formed out of necessity and the need to bring forward and captivate campervan and motorhome travel across Australia. Our goal was driven by our desire to allow customers better access to information and for new travellers to appreciate the world of campervan and motorhome rentals.

What is ROAVER

ROAVER is a travel technology company that brings together all the leading campervan and motorhome operators across Australia to provide a white label integration.


With real time search results and booking engine, ROAVER will digitally transform your business creating a seamless customer journey from search and comparing to booking.


ROAVERS capability will see you sell under your own brand with our simple and modern search integration with our back-end CRM allowing you to easily manage each one of your customers. 

Our Story

As travel agents, we started this journey to create an environment for travelers to have accessible and easy access to travel options specifically with campervan and motorhome rentals. Our focus on the customer has translated into a easy workflow for agents to sell and make bookings simplifying the booking process. 

Our love for travel is what we want to share and allowing other to experience what we have is our goal. 


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