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Full API integration

Our API's have complete integration with each operator allowing for real time search results that show availability and price. Your staff can easily search & compare to send quotes and your customers can easily search, compare & book. Both allowing for a seamless customer journey.

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Our Features

Easily Manage Customers

Manage your customers in one place. View their trip details, booking status, payment, edit their booking, view a booking summary and view their confirmation emails .

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Efficient analytics 

Overview your performance daily. Review your website conversions, number of bookings, check your revenue and easily view the status of each customer to allowing for targeted approach to managing your customers.


Automated Emails

The booking journey is fully automated.  Once a customer has booked all important emails such as the receipt and confirmation will be sent. You can also customise your email templates 

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Customers can book their insurance options and extras giving customers full control of their bookings.


Your brand

ROAVER will seamlessly integrate with your website. Adding our search widget will continue to see you sell under your own brand. Managing your customers through your own dedicated back end.

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Manage Payments

Payments are automated when the customer completes their automated journey. Where bookings require intervention take payments with one click

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